Riverville – Custom Content Free Version

All expansion and stuff packs are required. It is recommended to have the Color Enable Package installed in your game.

Extract “RV01” neighbourhood folder into “Neighborhoods”, which is located:

Documents > EA Games > The Sims 2 / The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection > Neighborhoods

Note: Skyline and animated clouds are not included. If you want them in your game, you can download here:

That’s it. Happy Simming!

UPDATE 27/01/22. Made minor fixes in the neigbourhood file. If there are any issues or bugs, let me know in the comments section down below.

UPDATE 18/12/22. Added a new animated neighbourhood preview. Thanks to The Sims 2 .reia Tool by ammar2!

4 thoughts on “Riverville – Custom Content Free Version

  1. Hi! I’ve downloaded the neighborhood in 4/8/2022 and I’ve noticed some missing content (chairs, tables, beds) and even the clarck family (I thing that’s how they are called, the family with two girls, husband makes servos/robots in the trailer). I thought that was intended but I’ve noticed in a review that the family wasn’t townies but had a full house for them

    Thanks for all your effort


    1. Hello Lia! I’m sorry you’re facing this kind of issue. I’ve just redownloaded and tested the neighbourhood file after reading your comment. It works perfectly fine in my vanilla game, so I can’t tell what the exact reason of missing items and sims.

      Do you have all expansion and stuff packs? Are there any mods or broken CC in your download folder that can cause the corruption?


  2. Hi! I’ve downloaded the neighborhood in 2022-04-26 and it’s not working. The game crashed.
    I tried to download the Riverville – Empty Decorated Version instead and that worked! But I want the Riverville – Custom Content Free Version so bad. I also followed all the steps for the download. What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks for all your effort!


    1. Hi Veronica! I’m sorry it happened to you. Have you improved your game compatibility with Graphics Ruler Maker? The old games like TS2 can run out of memory when it’s trying to load a lot or a neighbourhood. If you have already done it, then it may do something with cache files like “accessory.cache” and “groups.cache” in your game folder, which is in Documents. You can delete these two files and relaunch the game. If it didn’t help you to solve the issue, you can contact me via Discord. We’ll try to find a solution.


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